The TBH MEMORY Toolkits deliver simple strategies to rev up recall. These robust, hands-on courses teach active adults practical strategies to improve memory performance. Courses increase in diffculty by level.

  • Innovative. Fast-paced, engaging group-based classes to rev up recall.

  • Tried and true. We’ve successfully conducted these programs ourselves, across many different settings and with great success, so we know they work!

  • Easy to deliver. Fully scripted, with detailed social-based brain workouts, make our programs truly simple to use.

  • Easy to learn.  Participants learn practical techniqes to recall names, articles and stories, plus how to keep better track of things we often lose.


TBH Memory Original

TBH MEMORY Level 1.0

  • 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders
  • Teach effective memory improvement strategies
  • Engaging social-based brain training for groups
  • Detailed course instructions and scripted classes

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TBH Memory 2

TBH MEMORY Level 2.0
“Memory Best”

  • 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders *ALL NEW*
  • Next level course following TBH MEMORY 1.0
  • More challenging memory improvement strategies
  • A daily TBH Memory Best Challenge for added engagement

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TBH Memory Toolkits

What’s Included

  • TBH MEMORY Trainer Manual
    Fully scripted classes that teach the science of memory improvement and guide your community through a series of practice workouts. Click here to preview sample pages >
  • Additional Materials
    Planning forms, worksheets, and resource lists help make your work even easier.
  • Monthly Open Phone Calls with TBH Professionals
    Dial in for the latest brain health news and best practices exclusively for our TBH Toolkit users.
  • Support from TBH Experts
    Easy access to staff through email or the phone.
  • Always Available
    TBH Toolkits at your fingertips. Renewable 1-year license.

How It Works

1) Sign Up: Sign up for your 1-year site license. 

TBH MEMORY Level 1.0 Toolkit

1-Year Site License

  • Scripted Online Trainer Materials
  • Printable TBH Student Workbook
  • Proprietary Online Support Resources
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TBH MEMORY Level 2.0
“Personal Best!” Toolkit

1-Year Site License

  • Scripted Online Trainer Materials
  • Add-on TBH Personal Best Challenge Logs
  • Proprietary Online Support Resources


Plus $159 per 10-pack of
printed TBH Memory Best Challenge Logs

Course requires 1 Memory Best Challenge Log per class participant

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1-Year License Renewal
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2) Get Started: Online trainer materials and support resources available to you 24/7.
3) All Set: Online marketing materials help you promote class registration.