The TBH MEMORY Toolkits deliver simple strategies to rev up recall. Teach effective verbal and visual memory strategies for staying sharp and developing better memory habits.

  • Grounded in science. Our TBH programs reflect cutting-edge research, making us one of the most reliable sources in the field of brain fitness.

  • Tried and true. We’ve successfully conducted these programs ourselves, across many different settings and with great success, so we know they work!

  • Easy to deliver. Fully scripted, with engaging social-based brain workouts, and additional resources make our programs truly simple to use.

  • Hands-on, action-oriented, and fun!

TBH Memory Original

TBH MEMORY Level 1.0

  • Eight Memory Workout themes
  • Flexible Building Block Delivery in 1-hour or 15-minute express memory workouts
  • Detailed class instructions, scripting, worksheets
  • Valuable support information on the science
  • Marketing support materials to help you get started
  • Evaluation forms

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TBH Memory 2

TBH MEMORY Level 2.0
“Personal Best”

  • Eight ALL NEW, leveled up Memory Workout themes
  • Class length adjustable for 1-hour or 15-minute teaching times
  • Social-Based memory workouts advance with each level
  • Reference science materials included
  • Includes the TBH Personal Best Challenge, a habit-building self-guided out-of-class engagement tool

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TBH Memory Toolkits

What’s Included

  • TBH MEMORY Trainer Manual
    Fully scripted classes that teach the science of memory improvement and guide your community through a series of practice workouts. Click here to preview sample pages >
  • Additional Materials
    Planning forms, worksheets, and resource lists help make your work even easier.
  • Community Forum
    Share and learn best practices with other professionals like you through our exclusive community forum.
  • Support from TBH Experts
    Easy access to staff through email or the phone.
  • Always Available
    TBH Toolkits at your fingertips. Renewable 1-year license.

How It Works

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TBH MEMORY Level 1.0 Toolkit 1-Year License

  • Printed Trainer Manual
  • Sample TBH Student Workbook
  • Proprietary Online Resources
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TBH MEMORY Level 2.0
“Personal Best!” Toolkit
1-Year License

  • Printed Trainer Manual
  • Sample TBH Personal Best Challenge Log
  • Proprietary Online Resources
Order additional TBH Personal Challenge Logs for each class member at $159 for a 10-pack here
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