TBH Toolkits Training


Want additional training in brain health for program rollout? While our TBH Toolkits are fully scripted we also offer training to help ensure a successful launch of the TBH Toolkits.

Pro Training is a 2-hour TBH Toolkit-specific introductory course for trainers in a single location. This training will help boost confidence for teaching. Join Dr. Green for this seminar on the science behind TBH Toolkits and practical tips for using your TBH Toolkit. Recorded for year-round use.

per location, per toolkit unlimited trainers

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Corporate Care Training offers an in-depth training package for corporate customers with multiple campuses. Ensure a successful corporate-wide brain health launch with this staff orientation package.

  • TBH Corporate Care Training Course
    (1-hour live webinar, plus an 9+-part series of recorded training modules)
    Give your team the opportunity to study brain health directly with Dr. Green, founder of the Total Brain Health. This course combines live training with our full library of TBH Toolkits pre-recorded training modules. Covers the latest science on cognitive wellness, plus an overview of teaching techniques for the full suite of TBH Toolkits.  Allows your staff to train at their own pace, practice using self-assessments, and track their progress.
  • TBH Toolkits Monthly Call-ins
    (Twelve 30-minute conference calls)
    Monthly calls exclusively for your team with senior TBH Staff. Calls will include a brief science update followed by open discussion, Q&A and support.
for up to 10 locations;
$99 per each additional location; corporate-wide 
per year; unlimited trainers


Our TBH Toolkits are fully scripted for easy use. We are committed to your success and are here when you need us.

  • Email support 24/7: info@totalbrainhealth.com
  • Same day phone support M-F: 973-655-0422
  • TBH Monthly Open Calls: Exclusive access to TBH-hosted open calls to share ideas and learn best practicesan ,d