TBH Toolkits Training


Want additional training in brain health for program rollout? While our TBH Toolkits are fully scripted we also offer training to help ensure a successful launch of the TBH Toolkits.

TBH TOOLKITS TRAINER EDUCATION SERIES includes includes a full library of short, self-paced training videos and optional assessments to drive home the learning. Learn practical tips for using the TBH Toolkits, and boost confidence for facilitating classes with best practices for seasoned trainers. On demand for year-round use. Earn a TBH Toolkits Trainer Certificate upon completion. Unlimited trainers per location.

$99 per location,  unlimited trainers

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SEASONAL WORKOUTS delivered quarterly that extend brain training opportunities.

CORPORATE CLIENTS with 10+ locations are exclusively eligible for add-on live webinar kickoff training with Dr. Cynthia Green, brain wellness expert and founder of Total Brain Health.