TBH Brain Workout 2.0


This next level course builds on the success of the original TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 1.0 Toolkit with all new ramped-up “brain workouts” and a TBH Personal Best Challenge.

Can be taught as a stand-alone course or as a continuation course to the original TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 1.0 Toolkit.

  • TBH Blueprint.  TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 teaches brain training interventions that span the body, mind and spirit pillars of wellness. 

  • TBH Personal Best Challenge. Accompanying this course is the TBH Personal Best Challenge, a daily, self-paced tool for participants to use outside the classroom to boost learning, engagement and outcomes. 

  • Flexible Class Times. You pick the number and length of your class times using this course’s unique “building block” approach.

  • Effective Brain Health Interventions. You become the brain health expert using the toolkit’s scripted, social-based brain training workouts for better brain health at any age.


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What’s Included

  • TBH Brain Workout Trainer Manual
    Step-by-step scripted class seminars with group-based brain workouts that boost cognitive fitness. Click here to preview sample pages >
  • Additional Materials
    Planning forms, worksheets, and resource lists help make your work even easier. Click here to preview a sample Resources section >
  • Monthly Open Phone Calls with TBH Professionals
    Dial in for the latest brain health news and best practices, exclusively for our TBH Toolkits facilitators.
  • Support from TBH Experts
    Easy access to staff through email or the phone.
  • Always Available
    TBH Toolkits at your fingertips. Renewable 1-year license.

How It Works

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TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 Personal Best Toolkit

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√ Add-on TBH Personal Best Challenge Log

√ Proprietary online resources

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