DAY 18 OUR FASCINATING BRAINS. Neurosurgeon Jocelyne Bloch gives us a behind-the-scenes peek into the the brain’s ability to repair iteself with a little help. Enjoy this fascinating talk on […]
DAY 17 LEARN EMOTIONAL FIRST AID. Go ahead and battle those negative feelings of self worth in order to help reach your cognitive potential. Listen to Guy Winch as he […]
Put this month’s advice into action and rev up your clients’ resolve for healthier living with this simple group brainstorming exercise. Great for both small or large gatherings, Building […]
What was it you resolved to do better this year? Get more exercise, meditate more, or just learn to say “no” more often? How’s that going so far? Chances […]
DAY 16 WHY THANK YOU MATTERS. Why don’t we ask for praise when we need it? Here’s Dr. Laura Trice’s 3-minute video about remembering to say “thank you” in order […]
DAY 15 HOW WELL DO WE REALLY REMEMBER? We like to believe that we remember things acurately. But how precise is our memory? Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus presents her groundbreaking research […]
DAY 14 BE HAPPY! Happiness is key factor in brain health! Join psychologist Shawn Achor in this fast-paced, funny talk as he argues that indeed happiness.
DAY 13 MUSIC AND YOUR MIND. Curiosity and learning can bring surprising and positive results that stretch your mind. Listen to Benjamin Zander as he lovingly unveils the secrets of […]
DAY 12 GAIN SOME BRAIN APPRECIATION. Learn what’s special about the human brain in this fascinating TEDTalk by neuroscientist, Suzana Herculano-Houzel — and it all starts with brain soup!
DAY 11 TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Here at Total Brain Health we believe in eating right to stay sharp. Now hear TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver make a strong plea […]
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