Your Invitation to Connect with Us! Join One of Our FREE Webinars!   Learn Why Our TBH Social-Based Brain Training Programs Are Right For You Date: June 26th Time: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm ET Click HERE to register   Date: August 17th Time: 12:30 - 1:00 pm ET Click HERE to register   Date: September [...]
Tell A Story! Here is a fun, fast-paced, group memory workout adapted from our TBH MEMORY Toolkit. This activity teaches Storytelling, a complex verbal association strategy shown to improve learning and recall. Time 15 minutes You Will Need Flip chart or white board, markers, stopwatch or timer Cognitive Skills Worked Attention, verbal skills, memory, reasoning [...]
  Think fast – can you tell me what it is about brain health that really worries most of your clients? If you answered forgetting things, you would be right. A recent AARP survey found that about 45% of adults 65 years and older complained of a decreased ability to remember things (AARP 2015). Without [...]
  "Welcome to the Brain Age!" Greenwich Commission on Aging Lecture Series to Feature Dr. Green on June 8th. Dr. Green will deliver a keynote address for the Commission's Successful Aging series at the Greenwich Library, followed by a book signing. 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Open to the public.   Contact for more information. Dr. Green to [...]
Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye Recently: 1st Woman to Officially Run the Boston Marathon does it again - 50 Years Later | Kathrine Switzer ran in same bib number an official tried to rip off her in 1967. | (Source: CNN | Author: Emanuella Grinberg). Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: What Do We Know & What to [...]
Prevention recently featured some great brain workouts from Dr. Green's book "Brainpower Game Plan." Try them out for yourself, or share them with your TBH Toolkit class! Click HERE to retrieve a printable version of these brain workouts.
THINK LIKE A MEMORY CHAMPION | STORYTELLING STRATEGY A recent study showed that mnemonic training could re-shape the thinking patterns of subjects to closely resemble those seen in highly trained memory athletes. This month’s TBH Brain Workout uses Social-Based Brain Training to teach Storytelling, a simple memory strategy that can be easily learned and applied [...]
WHAT: Do memory athletes – folks who compete in memory championships – think differently than the rest of us? And if so, can we train ourselves to think as they do? Those questions were posed by researchers who compared the brain function of 23 highly ranked memory competitors with a matched group of naïve controls. [...]
WHAT: A recent study compared the effects of dancing, walking and walking combined with a nutritional intervention to an active control intervention (stretching and toning) on white matter integrity (WMI). The subjects were 174 healthy older adults ages 60-79 who reported previous levels of low physical activity. Researchers found that subjects in the Dance intervention [...]
How many friends do you have? Do you rarely see family, go out for the evening or join your community for an event? You may not realize it, but your social life may just be bad for your brain. In the immortal words of Bette Midler, “you’ve got to have friends.” Little did the Divine [...]
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