“It’s Science-Based and Socially Engaging” How One Wellness Director Chose the Total Brain Health Program By Barbara Peck   An Interview: Theresa Perry of Acts Retirement-Life Communities shares how she decided on the Total Brain Health program for the group of senior communities where she works. As corporate director of wellness services, Theresa Perry oversees wellness [...]
5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Total Brain Health Program By Barbara Peck     We talked to savvy directors at two senior residences and a community center to hear what they’ve learned while implementing the Total Brain Health Toolkits, a series of "out of the box" courses on memory improvement and brain [...]
Making Brain Health a Wellness Priority An Interview with Vi’s Jolene Moore About Total Brain Health By Barbara Peck   An Interview: Jolene Moore of Vi senior living communities details what she’s learned about implementing the Total Brain Health Toolkits, a series of “out of the box” courses on memory improvement and brain fitness.   [...]
Building Community with Total Brain Health: An Indiana Center Signs On By Barbara Peck     An Interview: Leah Boas of Mill Race Center speaks about how she helped to select Total Brain Health for the Indiana community center where she works. Leah Boas is the Aging Well Director at Mill Race Center, a thriving community [...]
Total Brain Health is thrilled that McKnight's Long-Term Care News shared our latest TBH Toolkit in their Market Buzz Newsletter on "launch" day! Check out TBH FLEX 1.0, first in a series of social-based brain training group programs for those facing memory loss.
Science Update: Trouble Getting Your ZZZZ’s? Try Sleep Coaching! What: Australian researchers recently reported that “Sleep Well, Think Well,” a coach-based sleep wellness program, significantly improved self-reported sleep quality in a group of individuals at risk for dementia. The pilot study, which included 35 older adults meeting criteria for mild cognitive impairment, were randomly assigned [...]
Science Update |  What Workout is Best for the Brain? The BrainFit Study What: A report recently published in the journal Physiology and Behavior considered the immediate impact of two types of physical exercise as well as the combination of both on cognition. Researchers randomly assigned 36 overweight, inactive adult males ages 18-30 years old to [...]
Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye this month: Cooking for Cognition: Why Making a Meal is Good for Your Brain | If you feel at home in the kitchen, planning and preparing nutritious meals, congratulations. You’re not only refueling your body. You’re stimulating your brain with the type of workout [...]
Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye this summer: 7 Fascinating Ways Exercise Changes Your Brain | When most of us think of the health effects of working out, we tend to think how it affects our body. (Source: Bustle | Carina Wolff). Can You Say Boost? The ADDF Weighs in on the [...]
“A World of Difference”: The Power of the Total Brain Health Experience   By Barbara Peck Brain health training benefits participants, trainers and communities in various ways. Journalist Barbara Peck recently interviewed several folks who have taken part in our TBH Toolkit cognitive training courses across several communities. See what they had to say about [...]
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