How many friends do you have? Do you rarely see family, go out for the evening or join your community for an event? You may not realize it, but […]
Speedy Social (1 Hour)  Here’s a quick and easy way to build a greater social network for those in your community this month. It doesn’t require much advance preparation, […]
Our next TBH Toolkits phone meet up is on March 16th and is exclusive for TBH Toolkit Users! See the registration link below to sign up! Our meet-ups are […]
Total Brain Health Brain Workout Classes at SAGE Eldercare This Spring Total Brain Health Master Trainer, Jill Smith Ph.D., will lead a BH BRAIN WORKOUT PERSONAL BEST course at […]
Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye Recently: How to Become a Super Memorizer – A What it does to Your Brain | To many of us, having to memorize […]
Review Suggests Evidence for Computer-Based Brain Training Limited and Varies Widely What: Evidence for the effectiveness of commercially available computerized braining training programs to ward off age-related cognitive decline […]
Regular Yoga Meditation Can Improve Memory and Executive Control in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment What: In a study looking at the effects of Kirtan Kriya meditation training […]
MAKE YOUR NEW BRAIN HEALTH HABITS STICK! Want a great way to keep going forward with your brain healthy goals for 2017? Hear Matt Cutts suggest that creating a […]
DAY 30 HAPPINESS SELF-TALK AND OUR BRAINS. Emotions can effect mental function and long-term brain health. Dan Gilbert, author of “Stumbling on Happiness,” challenges our thinking on happiness particularly when […]
DAY 29 OUR BRAINS: THE FINAL FRONTIER? The human brain is a one of the great frontiers in the study of human physiology according to Dr. Lara Boyd. Listen as […]
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