Using Your TBH Toolkits | Sharing Best Practices

Over the past several TBH Toolkit User Open Calls, we’ve had the pleasure of hearing from many of you about the many ways you are using your TBH Toolkits, and the great feedback you’ve been getting from your residents and clients. We cannot tell you how much we LOVE hearing about your experiences with our courses and programs, and giving everyone a community to share their tips, tricks and help each other problem-solve for best practices in using our TBH Toolkits.

Here are some GREAT ideas that were shared recently —

– Hold a kick-off event for the community to introduce the TBH Toolkits courses and “tease” the audience with some of the activities from the courses themselves (In response to this tip, we are adding to your “Additional Materials” section a worksheet with suggested exercises for this kind of kick-off event).

– Group the classes into shorter programs, for example a 6-week course of TBH BRAIN WORKOUT (easily done with TBH BRAIN WORKOUT, and we are happy to help you do so!).

– Bulletin Boards! Nothing is better at promoting your program than sharing (with your classes’ permission) some of the great things you do in class, such as “Grateful Thinking” statements, photos, or other results from the class on a bulletin board or even in your community newsletter. How about taking all those “stories” folks came up with in TBH MEMORY when teaching the Storytelling Strategy along the list of words, and displaying them along with the word list?

Do you have any to add to the list? We’d love to add them HERE for everyone to use!

Dr. Green

Welcome to Your TBH Toolkits!

Welcome to Your TBH Toolkits!

We are so pleased that you have chosen to include us as part of your brain wellness plan, and look forward to working together to bring your clients great programming that is challenging, educational, engaging and fun.

As a reminder, feel free to contact us at any time for help as you plan and teach your TBH Course. You can always reach us quickly and easily via email or phone as listed in the “Support” section of your Toolkit. We love to hear from you, even if it’s just to let us know how your TBH Toolkit classes are going!

Here’s to getting started!

Dr. Green and the TBH Toolkit Team