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Research shows that cognitive function and long-term brain vitality are best supported by ongoing and robust engagement across physical, intellectual, and socio-economic aspects of well-being. Studies such as the FINGER Study in Europe and the ACTIVE trial in the United States have shown the significant benefit of cognitive wellness training to our brain health.

Adults of all ages are now looking for ways to stay sharp and reduce their risk for dementia. Studies show that while puzzles and software may be helpful, they are not enough to fully benefit from the latest science. For that, we must seek ways to a whole life wellness approach to foster neuroplasticity and lower our chances of serious memory loss.

Here at Total Brain Health, we believe that great brain health programming must bring your clients opportunities based on the cutting edge fitness science. For that reason, our TBH Toolkit classes are based on our TBH Blueprint. Developed from over three decades of research, the TBH Blueprint provides simple, specific steps to bring brain health into our daily lives.

Brain health is best supported by actions within three pillars of wellbeing:

Body … because physical health is closely tied to brain function. Eating well, keeping fit, and practicing brain healthy habits are key for sharp thinking and brain vitality.
Mind … because intellectual stimulation—through a variety of mentally stimulating activities that challenge different cognitive skills and routine thinking is essential for optimal brain health.
Spirit … because emotional well-being, satisfying relationships, a positive outlook, and balancing stress are beneficial to brain health.

The Total Brain Health Blueprint for boosting brain fitness is grounded in cutting-edge science that shows how addressing all three dimensions of health can help to bolster the physiological health of the brain, improve its function and vitality, and stave off age-related problems like Alzheimer’s, other dementias, and stroke.

The best part? Each TBH Toolkit consists of simple strategies that anyone can incorporate into his or her lifestyle — strategies that are innovative, effective, and fun.